Kantorski-Pope Duo Brahms: 21 Hungarian Dances

1. No.1 in G minor 3:09
Allegro molto
2. No.2 in D minor 2:57
Allegro non assai
3. No.3 in F major 2:17
4. No.4 in F minor 4:21
Poco sostenuto
5. No.5 in F sharp minor 2:20
6. No.6 in D flat major 3:15
7. No.7 in A major 1:44
8. No.8 in A minor 2:40
9. No.9 in E minor 1:53
Allegro non troppo
10. No.10 in E major 1:56
11. No.11 in D minor 3:10
Poco andante
12. No.12 in D minor 2:26
13. No.13 in D major 1:25
Andantino grazioso
14. No.14 in D minor 1:52
Un poco andante
15. No. 15 in B flat major 2:18
Allegretto grazioso
16. No.16 in F minor 2:18
Con moto
17. No.17 in F sharp minor 3:12
18. No.18 in D major 1:20
19. No.19 in B minor 1:58
20. No.20 in E minor 2:49
Poco allegretto
21. No.21 in E minor 1:34







Welcome to KantorskiPopeDuo.com

This website will introduce you to the new CD by Valrie Kantorski and
Ann Almond Pope.

Valrie Kantorski and
Ann Almond Pope piano

Executive Producer David J. Pope

Associate Producers
Vincent J. Kantorski and Christopher G. Cummings

Recorded at Hillcrest Studios, Chattanooga, TN
Mixing & Post Production by Mike Pope

Mastering by Phil Magnotti
Tuner and technician: Paul McCutcheon

Hamburg Steinway Piano #405130

Elation KM-201 condenser microphones

Musician photo by Raleigh Rodger

Art direction, design and photography by Jack Frisch


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